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  • 3rd May, 2020 at 11:17am


In FS2, we always get lots of snails in the FS2 yard and the children seem to love them every year.  So, this week, we are going to base our learning on slugs and snails.

Please click on the link below to access the story of ‘The tiny snail’.


It is best to repeat this story every day to enable the children to use the vocabulary in their play.  Ask your child lots of questions about the story (I have included some examples below).

  • Why do you think that it was important for Tiny to shade from the sun during the day?
  • In the story, Tiny had to show lots of perseverance to make it to the Maple tree.  Can you think of a time when you showed lots of perseverance to achieve something?  How did you feel when you finally achieved it?
  • How many describing words (adjectives) can you think of to describe a snail?  Think about what a snail looks like (eg a spiral shell), how it moves, the texture of a snail’s skin/ shell, where it likes to live…
  • How do you think Tiny Snail’s feelings changed throughout the story (try to use interesting feeling words rather than just happy and sad) – explain why he had these feelings.
  • Can you retell the story? (by the end of the week)


  • Continue to access the range of reading books from the oxford owl website:


  • Word practise: Keep going through the sounds and words in your red phonics book.  Try doing ‘fred in your head’ and speed reading for fluency.
  • Keep looking at the ‘reading support’ resources that Mrs Mills has put onto the blog under ‘news’ and access your level of sounds and words.  If you are in rabbits and owls groups and are feeling confident with your sounds.  Start to learn the set 2 sounds which are all ‘special friends’ (eg. ‘ay’ in play; ‘ee’ in see).  If you are in hedgehogs group and are feeling confident with the set 2 sounds, try looking at set 3 sounds
  • Continue to read bedtime stories to your child.
  • Continue to access the Sacred Heart story time from the FS2 blog


Listen to clip below about snail facts:


You could also look at these facts (encourage reading skills):


Hedgehog/ Owls group: Try making some fact cards of your own about slugs or snails (similar to the ones above).  Remember to illustrate your cards with some beautiful snail pictures)

How to make your child be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 

Rabbit group:

After looking at the slug and snail resources above, write one interesting fact about a snail.  Illustrate your sentence with a snail picture.

How to make your child be an independent writer: Remind your child to keep saying their sentence over and over again so that they can remember it well.  Do not tell your child the sounds in each word, instead encourage them to use their ‘fred fingers’ to think about the sounds in words.  Remind them to use finger spaces and finish their sentences with a full stop. 


This week, we are continuing our ‘Good News’ topic by focusing on the Pentecost story.  Watch this short clip of the story…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqG_lvZhU-A

Also, share the following reading from the bible:

After watching the story and talking about the above reading, try asking the following questions:

  • How do you think the friends of Jesus felt after Jesus went back to his Father in Heaven?
  • Have you ever had feelings like that?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do?
  • What happened on Pentecost day?
  • How did the friends of Jesus feel after the coming of the Holy Spirit?
  • What did the friends of Jesus do after the coming of the Holy Spirit?

Choice of RE activities:

  • Retell the story and ask the children to use facial expressions and actions to show their emotions.
  • Make windmills and take them outside to see the effects of the wind. Talk about what you see happening to the windmills.  

You could make your own template or use this one…


  • Allow the children to create their own ideas to show the power of the wind


Recognising coins

Show children some coins and talk about money.  What do they already know about money? What is it used for and when is it used? What are the different types of money that they know?

Share ideas and discuss.

Show them a one penny coin and ask them to describe it. It is small, brown and round. It has ‘1’ or ‘ONE PENNY’ written on it. Explain that this means it is worth one penny.

Show them two one penny coins and ask them how much money you have now. Model adding the value of the two coins: one penny plus one penny is equal to two pence. I have two pence altogether.

Repeat this process with different values, up to twenty pence.

Bus ticket task:

Show children the bus tickets (or make your own)

Ask your child to read the bus ticket. Explain that the bus ticket shows how much it costs in pence (how many one pennies would be needed to pay for the ticket).

Get your child to select a bus ticket and say how much the bus ticket costs.  Use the sentence structure ‘the ticket costs five pence’.

They must count out the same number of one penny coins and pay for the bus ticket.

Real or play coins should be used for this task.  If you want to print and get your child to cut out coins, then print out from this link:


Ask your child to say other coins that they know.  Show them the coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p

Introduce the unknown coins and teach them the value of each.

Show them the 2p coin and explain that the coin is equal to two 1p coins.

Show them the 5p coin and explain that this is equal to five 1p coins.

Repeat this with other coins.

Have a go at this activity:


This online game has three parts.  It starts with a sorting game to get the children used to recognising different coins, it then has an ordering game so that the children get used to the different values of coins and then finally there is an adding activity for the most confident.  Try all three:


Fun ideas:

  • Go on a minibeast hunt – see how many of the minibeasts below you can find (add some extra ones if you find anything different):


  • Make a snail model (here are some ideas to give you an idea but you could come up with your own)

Then you just need to find some snails to keep as a pet (don’t forget to feed them)


Remember to keep taking photographs of your child and emailing them to the 2simple/ 2buildaprofile program.  Include what your child is doing and saying and I will link it to the curriculum so that their educational profile continues to build.

If you have any comments to share or any questions about the learning tasks, please leave comments on the blog and I will get back to you!

Take care and enjoy the activities!

Mrs Swift xx


  • Etta
    5th May, 2020 at 9:30pmm

    Hello Mrs Swift, I’m really missing school, my friends and teachers. But I’ve been doing my learning at home. My mums taken some pictures of me, I hope you’ve been receiving them. Hope to see you soon love Etta

    • Mrs Swift
      6th May, 2020 at 9:51amm

      Hi Etta, I’m really missing you all too! I hope that you are enjoying the activities that I am putting on the blog – I’ve just been planning what I’m going to put on next week and I’m very excited! I’m sure that you will love it because it is going to be based on a traditional tale and will involve a bit of baking!!!! I have been receiving your photos so say a big thank you to mummy for putting them on 2simple – I’ve been busy linking them to your profile. Take care Etta – it is lovely to hear from you xx

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