We are ‘blossoming’ in FS2

  • 25th Apr, 2022 at 7:18am

In FS2, we have come back from the Easter holidays fully refreshed and have spent the week appreciating the beautiful blossom trees that seem to be almost everywhere at the moment! We started our week with the story of ‘Fletcher and the Springtime Blossom’ and have then used this as a focus for the rest of our learning. Here are a few of the activities from the week…

We made our own blossom in the smallworld this week so that we could then retell the story of ‘Fletcher and the Springtime Blossom’

We enjoyed making our own ‘blossom fans’ to keep us cool on the warmer days this week!

It was a bit tricky to make blossom trees in the workshop… but they looked really effective when we had finished them!
We loved our science experiment of predicting what would happen to the white flowers that were placed in different coloured water!
In Maths, we used bead strings to help us with addition

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