Week four 100 word challenge

  • 27th Jan, 2015 at 11:36pm

“Ssh!” She whispered. “The wall is listening!”


Think about the sentences we have been using over the past two weeks. Try and choose some great WOW words to add impact to your writing.
Good luck with this weeks challenge.


  • Miguel
    1st Feb, 2015 at 6:44pmm

    One day, two boys, Ben and Michael, dreamed hardly about visiting Rio de Janeiro, so they planned to meet behind the local library to plan how and when to go there. They were both very excited about the little adventure they have planned; however, Ben had to warn Michael to keep quiet “Ssh! Mate! The wall’s listening!!” Suddenly, a big brick ear came out of the wall and said helpfully “Don’t worry, I will take you there!” The boys replied repeatedly “How, how, how!” The ear explained back in simplicity, “Simple, just follow me!” And so they did. Soon after, they told the now, floating brick ear to get them back home before bedtime, because the parents would be worried. They had a very exciting time and wanted to come back for more.

  • Laura
    1st Feb, 2015 at 6:42pmm

    I was having a strange day today, I kept seeing funny stuff happening. As I was walking down the street, I saw a wall with a weird thing on. It was an ear, I thought I was going mad. I started talking to it. It was listening to me. “What is your name?” I asked.
    It didn’t reply to me.
    “What is your name?” I shouted it again
    “Aha, ” I said. “I know why, because you’re only an ear, not a mouth.”

  • Harry
    1st Feb, 2015 at 6:41pmm

    There was once a wall and whenever you said, magnificent, it would poke it ear out. There was boy who was new to the area in Essex, and he was good at using powerful words. The boy liked to hang out at the wall, as somebody told him that if you say, magnificent, an ear would poke out. So he tried it everyday, but it didn’t work, the boy wished very hard for it to work. The wall started to poke it’s ear out, and the boy realised that it was graffiti, shaped like an ear, and popped out when you said, magnificent.

  • Fintan
    1st Feb, 2015 at 6:25pmm

    Tom dreaded Saturdays even though there was no school. Tom had to visit his auntie Beth every week with grandma. They had to catch same boring bus that went the same boring way and it took forever. This week Grandma told me that if I wanted to make the journey go quicker there was a fun thing I could do. If I stared hard out of the window I would see some exciting things. I kept on looking then I saw it a massive ear that just appeared from a brick wall. It was amazing. No more BORING journeys.

  • Harry 1
    1st Feb, 2015 at 3:18pmm

    It was another typical day in Y5. Fintan was playing the drums with his rulers, Alex, Ben and Daniel were talking about the latest computer games and the girls were singing songs from Frozen! Mrs Barrett quietly asked everyone to be quiet but we carried on. Mrs Barrett got louder ” PLEASE CAN YOU BE QUIET!” Seamus took that as an indication to start dancing on the table! Mrs Barrett was bored of asking us, so she started talking to the wall. The wall seemed to be doing something very strange. Everybody went quiet. The wall had grown an EAR!

    • Mrs Barrett
      2nd Feb, 2015 at 10:10pmm

      This made me laugh….especially Seamus dancing on the table!

  • matthew
    1st Feb, 2015 at 3:03pmm

    Ben the giant was on his daily walk. He could see the human city. He went over to a brick house. He wondered if the brick wall was bigger than his ear, so he put his own ear next to the wall. Just then he slipped on some ice and his ear got stuck into the wall. He shouted for help but no human invention could help him. In his village the giants were getting annoyed. “What is that noise?” shouted the chief. Bens mum went to see what the noise was. She saw Ben and within four seconds he was out. The run back home was fun.

  • Ben 2
    1st Feb, 2015 at 12:31pmm

    One day there was a man he was an artist he didn’t have a home all he did was spray paint so that day he was spray painting an ear. When he finished it was a fine piece of art just then a man walked by and said “that will get you a lot of money”. One year later he lived in a mansion and he had £2 billion.

  • Tatum
    1st Feb, 2015 at 11:29amm

    Bert was walking home and he noticed something strange. Bert saw a wall which looked like it had an ear! He asked the wall if it could hear him. The wall quickly replied “Of course I can, haven’t you seen the size of my ear? Anyway, hi my name’s Dan!” Bert was shocked that the wall could talk. “How can you talk?” Dan replied back with a long story then said how he was a human and needed help getting out of the wall. All Bert had to say was these numbers 45326. Bert said them and Dan was free!

  • Michael
    1st Feb, 2015 at 10:12amm

    One fabulous day a strange ear was walking through the city of Sheffield.The strange ear saw a person and went up to it but the person ran away leaving footprints.The next afternoon the strange ear was walking across Hillsborough road just as a new car crashed into the ear.The ear spun and spun until it crashed into the wall.It got stuck into the wall and could not move.So the ear just spent his life in a wall listening to everything passing by.

  • Ryan 1
    31st Jan, 2015 at 6:56pmm

    Once a boy called Jack was talking to himself as he was walking past a wall at his school, when all of a sudden a massive ear appeared and started listening to him. Jack didn’t realise because the ear was silent. Jack was a bit sad because he had been getting bullied by a boy called Steve. Suddenly Steve came out of nowhere and started bullying Jack again, but this time the wall heard it all. So did the headmaster! Steve was severely dealt with while Jack was comforted by his teacher. Steve never bullied anyone ever again.

  • Ryan 2
    31st Jan, 2015 at 4:01pmm

    The wall was gratified as an ear, scaring people lots. This wasn’t an exception for these people .they were tricked by that same wall and unfortunately stopped their chat. Later, the wall was looking like it was coming out! The same people were scared again out of their wits. Even later, the people, scared and responsible, were sent to community service and…. Ironically it was so well painted that it even scared them witless! They then said “Shush, the wall is listening!”

  • Isabel
    31st Jan, 2015 at 1:43pmm

    The wind rushes past me, everything is a blur. The last thing I remember is the sucking noise the wall made, as I was ripped off my owners head. I can’t move. It feels like I am in another dimension.

    I try to wriggle free of whatever it is that’s grasping me, but I can’t. I am stuck inside the wall. Everyone is whispering about me. It seems they are scared. I am now lonely and scared myself. I strain myself to hear what they are saying. I don’t hear much. I just see a man with only one ear…

  • Seamus
    29th Jan, 2015 at 8:02pmm

    Tom was having a hard first day at school muttering to himself how unfair the teachers were being to him
    “It’s no use,” he said as he sat down to sulk by the wall when something answered him.
    “I know.” Then a enormous ear appeared and sucked him up.
    “Never seen you before,” it said to me as i disappeared me into the abyss.
    “Well thats because i’ve just started school,”
    “Mmmmmm the tastiest”
    Then I was back in my bed when I realised my arm was gone, and then I heard someone,
    or something far away saying “Mmmmmm,Tasty.”

    • Mrs Barrett
      29th Jan, 2015 at 10:23pmm

      You have chosen some fantastic vocabulary Seamus. Well done.

  • Carys
    29th Jan, 2015 at 12:18pmm

    Sophie and her friend were talking quietly about what to do for they were stuck in a parallel world where every child has to do a challenge. “Ssshhh”, she said “the wall is listening”! There was a ripple in the wall and a face appeared and laughed so hard that tears fell out of the wall and with a puff fell into the fire and lava below. “You’re absolutely right”, boomed the wall, “I was listening”. Sara, Sophie’s friend, said “just jump for it”. A while later they made it across and found their other friend dithering on a puzzle.

  • Ella
    29th Jan, 2015 at 11:02amm

    The young sneaky spy called Amy stood talking to her secret agent friend. Amy said “be quiet the wall is listening “. “Let’s run “.The two girls sprinted up the steep hill. The girls were truly unforgettable and wherever they went the ear followed them. The girls ran for miles and miles but the silly ear still followed Amy and her friend everywhere they went the ear went too. The girls stopped to take a look around for the ear, Amy shouted “he’s there run “. “Maybe he just wants to be friends?” replied Amy’s friend. To be continued…..

    • Mrs Barrett
      29th Jan, 2015 at 11:40amm

      Great story Ella. Remember to start a new line when somebody new starts to speak. 🙂

  • Maddy
    29th Jan, 2015 at 10:53amm

    It all started on a sun tamed morning when a little girl call Emilia got out of Her bed. When a time machine appeared in her back garden. So she went out and stepped into the time machine. The next minute she was in a different world. She looked around and saw that the wall is evil. It was listening to everything she said. Even when she wasn’t next to it. Her voice could travel. Suddenly a beam of light appeared from the sky. A magic substance of dust fell from the sky and took her back to her warm cosy bed. Where she woke up relived and happy,.

  • Sara
    29th Jan, 2015 at 9:09amm

    “So it is!” Sarah exclaimed. The wall seemed to have grown an ear and was avidly listening to their conversation! “Man, this is seriously creepy.” Eleanor answered, looking at the wall and shuddering. A voice rumbled from inside the wall, “Do carry on, don’t mind me.”
    “Ahhhhhh!” The girls screamed as they ran away.
    “Ha ha, we got them there didn’t we!” Bob laughed as he and Dave climbed out of the plastic ear they had stuck to the wall. “Got who?” The wall thundered. “Who, tell me!” Bob looked at Dave.
    “Was that you?”
    “No, no it wasn’t”

  • Charlotte
    28th Jan, 2015 at 6:51pmm

    Sophie was all alone. No one would ever listen to her. She would just sit in the corner of the playground, tears streaking from her eyes all alone. It was another day at her school. In the corner of the playground as usual when suddenly she had a wonderful idea and started to talk to the wall! He seemed to understand all her thoughts! But for the first time her friends felt sorry for Sophie and came to her to say sorry! Sophie’s feeling suddenly changed like ice into water. She never felt lonely again!

  • Lydia
    28th Jan, 2015 at 6:40pmm

    Olivia was a 10 year old girl. Her best friend was called Dorothy. They were at school, talking about their favourite colour. Olivia said she did not like the colour red because it looked like the colour on a wall. “Sshhhh!”said Dorothy. “The wall is listening!” They were quiet for about a minute. Suddenly the ear on the wall disappeared! To be continued……..

  • James
    28th Jan, 2015 at 5:57pmm

    They said I’d have a great time. They never mentioned bullies ruled the school for gifted giants. Every day I have been bullied but you’re not here to hear me moan. You are here to listen to what happened last Wednesday. I was walking down the hall when suddenly Neil, the bully, appeared. “LUNCH MONEY! Now!” he menaced. In my fright I gasped “no” and he pushed me so hard against the wall my giant ear went through it! The good thing was that the headmaster stepped through his office door at the same time, catching the bully and ordering the caretaker to fetch a crowbar.

    • Mrs Barrett
      29th Jan, 2015 at 11:57amm

      This story made me smile at the end James. Well done.

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