Writing Activities for Y5 – Summer 1

  • 28th Apr, 2020 at 11:29am


  • Joseph
    6th May, 2020 at 10:36amm

    Dear Mrs Barden
    I have been doing lots of these. I have been discussing the language with my mum and using the sentence starters we use in class. Then, I have written it all on paper so I will practice my handwriting in the process.
    I have been trying to do one hour of my maths a day. Sometimes, it has been tricky so I have had some help to fully understand it. I had problems with the algebra when I started it so my dad taught me it. Then, I got 100% and I understand it a lot better now.
    I hope you are ok. How is your rabbit Rosie?
    from Joseph.

    • Mrs Barden
      6th May, 2020 at 12:20pmm

      Hi Joseph,

      really happy to hear from you and thank you for asking after Rosie. She is grand, actually she has been exploring the house further and now has discovered that there is one more floor in the house leading to Jenny’s room. She hides inside one of Jenny’s IKEA cubes and thinks we can’t see her. She also nibbled Jenny’s buffalo trainers, naughty Rosie. How is Charlie?

      I am glad that you have been following what you were taught to do the writing activities. Your handwriting must be amazingly neat now, keep practicing though.

      It looks like you have been keeping both mum and dad busy supporting you with both English and maths; hope you are having a go at some science, geography, or LEGO challenges. I try to update the blog nearly every day to make sure there is a variety for everyone. Remember to have some fun and do some physical exercise, too, it’s very important to keep your body and mind relaxed.

      Hope to hear from you again.

      Stay safe and well,

      best wishes,

      Mrs B xx

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