• 13th Sep, 2019 at 3:33pm

This week, our Y4 children enjoyed a few days in the outdoors at Thornbridge. The weather was a little chilly but mostly bright and sunny.

The children’s first task was to make their bed! The boys seemed to think this entailed laying the pillow case over the pillow and similarly, laying the duvet cover over the duvet! They were somewhat shocked when they discovered there was more to bed-making than this!

During their time at Thornbridge, the children undertook the Thornbridge Challenge, which consists of a series of puzzles dotted around the site. Team work and discussion are essential if the challenges are to be completed and the Y4 children were fantastic at both 🙂

Other activities included climbing a huge cargo net, whilst fastened into a safety harness. ALL the children challenged themselves and most were able to actually stand on the beam at the very top. I was very proud of all the children and the way they encouraged each other.

The Low Ropes course proved to be lots of fun with the children negotiating a variety of obstacles along the way. To the challenge the children even further, they were given a tray of snooker balls and a small wooden plank which they had to carefully pass between them whilst working their way along a specific obstacle. Ask my group about the challenge with the water and the beakers!!

Other activities which the children enjoyed included Night Line, Bouldering and Orienteering.

All-in-all it was a wonderful few days and we hope the children will remember their experiences for many years to come.

Special thanks must also go to Mr Moran, Mrs Moore and Mrs Willoughby who gave up time with their own families to accompany the children. We are incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated staff.

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