Year 1 – TASC Activity

  • 9th Oct, 2021 at 8:49pm

Having read the story of The Three Little Pigs, we were challenged with a TASC.

What is TASC?

“TASC” stands for “thinking actively in a social context” and is a a way to develop thinking and problem-solving skills in pupils.

Working in groups, pupils make their way clockwise around a ‘wheel’, moving through stages, which range from “identifying” and “deciding” to “implementing” and “learning from experience”.

TASC: Build a house for the little pigs that the Big Bad wolf cannot blow down.

GATHER, IDENTIFY – We began by thinking about which materials the little pigs chose to build their houses and then what happened to them throughout the story. (Enter The Big Bad Wolf)

GENERATE – Next, having understood what the TASC was, we began to create as many designs for a new house as possible.

DECIDE – After that it was time to get into teams of three and choose the best idea.

IMPLIMENT – This was our favourite part! We had a wide choice of materials, including, wood, plastic, cardboard and paper at our disposal and together with teamwork, communication and problem solving skills we began to build our houses.

Let’s Do It!

EVALUATE – When the houses were finished we checked whether they would remain standing, even after the wolf had huffed and puffed. Please note: in the absence of a wolf, we did the huffing and the puffing!

COMMUNICATE – After having successfully built our houses it was time to tell other people what we had done. We had many discussions about this and thought that the best way would be to share what we had done with you on our school website, so here we are!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our achievements. We’d love to hear what you thought of our houses. Please add any comments below.

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