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Local Academy Committee

Our school governors are:

(End of term of office in brackets)

Foundation Governors - Appointed by the Bishop of Hallam

Lee Higgins - Chair of Governors (22nd October 2026)

Marta Emmett (3rd December 2023)

Kate Gilberthorpe (6th December 2026)

Jayne Bonner (24th January 2027)

Kirsty Brown (13th September 2026)

Jennifer Harris (18th April 2027)

Parent Governors - Appointed by Parents

Kieran Frain (6th December 2026)



Lynsie Tuplin (Ex officio governor)


Diocese of Hallam Trustee

Rt Rev R Heskett

Lee Higgins

Recently Resigned Governors (date of resignation in brackets)

Winnie Lutakome (17.10.22)

Katharine Clarke (21.10.22)