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Year Two

Mrs Senior is the teacher in our Year Two class. Mrs Hinchliffe teaches on a Tuesday morning and all day Thursday. Our PE day is Thursday.

Class Saint

St Francis of Assisi. The Patron Saint of Animals and Ecology. Feast day is 4th October. 

St Francis was a man of wealth and business who had a dream that God told him he had it all wrong. St Francis became a man of God who gave up all his possessions and began to preach. Others joined his simple life. St Francis had a deep relationship with nature - he felt all of God's creation was part of his brotherhood. He wrote the beautiful Canticle of the Sun that expresses this brotherhood with creation. 

St Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Summer Term Curriculum Overview


Fractions: Equal and unequal parts. Recognise and find halves, quarters and thirds. Equivalence of one-half and two quarters.  

Time: O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Tell the time to 5 minutes. Minutes in an hour and hours in a day. 

Statistics: Tally charts, tables, block diagrams and pictograms. 

Position and Direction: Describe movement and turns. 


Focus text is The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy


Spread the Word: Pentecost is a time to spread the Good News

Rules: Reasons for rules in the Christian family

Treasures: God's treasure is the world


Nature – Andy Goldsworthy (sculpture – natural materials), Arlene Bandes (printing) and Heather Knight and Mairi Stone (sculpture – clay).


Animals and their habitats (minibeasts and microhabitats), Plants

Design and Technology

Levers and sliders (making a pop-up book)


Striking and fielding: underarm throw, overarm throw, catch, track, bowl, bat

Athletics: run, jump for distance, jump for height, throw for distance, throw for accuracy



Rhythm: pulse, rhythm, musical notation symbols


Living in the Wider World: learn about the different local and global communities that they are part of, and what rights and responsibilities come with belonging to these communities. Understand more about the purpose of work and the harmful impact of gender stereotypes in the workplace, alongside an introduction to the concept of vocation. Consolidate learning about what money is and explore the choices we have with our money. All of this is underpinned by the religious understanding that our identity, value and worth comes from God.