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Year Two

Mrs Senior is the teacher in our Year Two class. Mrs Hinchliffe teaches on a Tuesday morning and all day Thursday. Our PE day is Thursday.

Class Saint

St Francis of Assisi. The Patron Saint of Animals and Ecology. Feast day is 4th October. 

St Francis was a man of wealth and business who had a dream that God told him he had it all wrong. St Francis became a man of God who gave up all his possessions and began to preach. Others joined his simple life. St Francis had a deep relationship with nature - he felt all of God's creation was part of his brotherhood. He wrote the beautiful Canticle of the Sun that expresses this brotherhood with creation. 

St Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

Spring Term Curriculum Overview


Money: Count money - pounds and pence. Making the same amount. Compare amounts. Calculate using money. Make a pound. Find change. 

Multiplication and Division: Recognise, make and add equal groups. The multiplication symbol. Arrays. Grouping and sharing. The 2 times table. Divide by 2. Doubling and halving. Odd and even numbers. The 10 times table. Divide by 10. The 5 times table. Divide by 5. 

Length and Height: Measure in centimetres and metres. Compare lengths and heights. Calculate using lengths and heights. 

Mass, capacity and temperature: Compare mass. Measure in grams and kilograms. Calculate using mass. Compare volume and capacity. Measure in millilitres and litres. Calculate with volume and capacity. Temperature.  


Our book this term is The Wolves in the Walls. We will explore setting descriptions, narrative and letter writing. We will develop an understanding of nouns, adjectives, and verbs, and simple and compound sentences with a range of punctuation. 


Books: The books used in church 

Thanksgiving: Mass - a special time to thank God

Opportunities: Lent is an opportunity to start anew


Comparing South Yorkshire with South Goa, India


Living things and their habitats and Animals including humans

Design and Technology

Food - Preparing Fruit and Vegetables. Understand where a range of fruit and vegetables come from e.g. farmed or grown at home. Understand and use basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes, including how fruit and vegetables are part of The eatwell plate.


Ball Skills - In this unit, pupils will develop their fundamental ball skills such as throwing, catching, rolling, hitting a target, dribbling with both hands and feet and kicking. They will look to perform these skills with increasing control and accuracy using coordination and balance.


Creating media photography and robot algorithms


Rhythm - In this unit, we will be  - 

  • Finding the pulse.
  • Considering the difference between pulse and rhythm.
  • Use symbols to represent sounds.
  • Recognising musical symbols.
  • Composing our own rhythms. 


Me, My Body, My Health encourages children to celebrate similarities and differences between people, including our God-given bodies and the things they enable us to do! Teaching also includes maintaining personal hygiene and the physical differences between boys and girls. External body parts including genitalia will be discussed. 

Emotional Well-Being - understand and articulate their own changing feelings and how other people’s feelings might differ from theirs. Learn how they can manage their feelings and about the consequences of their actions.